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The Higher Education System: The major components of the higher education system in Saudi Arabia are the Council of Higher Education, the Ministry of Higher Education, 14 universities distributed throughout the country, and several specialized colleges and institutions.
The Council of Higher Education: The Council of Higher Education is the supreme governing body for all universities and institutions of post-secondary education in Saudi Arabia. The Council is chaired by His Majesty The King, and the Minister of Higher Education serves as the Deputy Chairman. Members include the government's ministers responsible for planning, finance, education, and civil service; the rectors of the universities; and other senior government officials concerned with post-secondary education. The Council is responsible for approving the creation of new institutions of higher education and new academic units and programs. It coordinates the activities of an institutions of higher education, approves bylaws and guidelines for university operations, and appoints vice rectors of universities.
The Minister of Higher Education: The Minister of Higher Education is the immediate supervisor for the rectors of all Saudi Universities. He appoints the deans and ensures that all operations of universities are carried out in accordance with the Charter of the Council of Higher Education and Universities, and the Law. He also chairs the board of every university.
The University Board: Each university has a board chaired by the Minister of Higher Education while the rector serves as the deputy chairman. Membership of the Board includes the Secretary General of the Council of Higher Education, the vice rectors, the deans, and three external members appointed by the Minister of Higher Education. The Board is responsible for all university operations, it grants degrees to students, approves textbooks and curricula of existing departments, and makes recommendations to the Council of Higher Education in other matters.
The Rector of the University: The Rector is the chief academic and executive officer of the University. He is responsible for administering its affairs in accordance with the Law, the Charter of the Council of Higher Education and the Universities, government edicts, and decisions of the Council of Higher Education and the University Board. He also represents the University in contacts with outside organizations.
Medium of Instruction
 The medium of instruction of the university is English...
 University of Ha’il is located in Ha’il City in north-central Saudi Arabia  at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, about 600 km (approx. 360 miles) north-west of the capital city of Riyadh The city is served by major highways and a modern domestic airport.
The University has several campuses inside Ha’il City, as well as a new campus under construction. The new campus is located to the north of Ha’il City and covers an area of more than 9,000,000 square meters
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